Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Contestpalooza - 3 Geeky Online Contests

Time to get in touch with your inner Zombie and or Trekkie and win some geeky prizes. All you need to do is create something with the following theme – Zombie Trekkie Holiday. It can be a picture, drawing, song, painting, flash fiction, fan film, cell phone video, diorama, sculpture, interpretive dance, poem, body art, limerick, haiku, just about anything, as long as it has the Zombie Trekkie Holiday theme.

The details - All entries are due eight days after Michael Dorn’s Birthday on December 17th. Entries can be e-mailed to KevWasHere@aol.com. Entries may be displayed on several web sites/blogs/Facebook. Judges will announce the winners on December 20th. In the event of a tie judges will face off in the arena armed with batliffs and lirpas until a clear winner is decided.

All contestants must be human, living or dead – no exceptions. Prizes can not be exchanged for latnum or any other form of galactic currency.

First Prize – autographed printed galley collectors addition of Night of the Living Trekkies, autographed Night of the Living Trekkies poster, and a hardback copy of Pride and Prejudice and Zombies.

Second Prize – autographed printed galley collectors addition of Night of the Living Trekkies, autographed Night of the Living Trekkies poster, and a copy of Dawn of the Dreadfuls, the Pride and Prejudice and Zombies prequel by Steve Hockensmith.

Third Prize – autographed Night of the Living Trekkies poster and a copy of The Encyclopedia of Guilty Pleasures by NotLT co-author Sam Stall

Honorable Mentions will receive something yet to be determined.


The next contest is from The Zombie Dating Guide - The Zombie Xmas Carol Contest!

Just record yourself singing one of two undead carols - The Zombie Christmas Song or Its Beginning to Look a Lot Like Zombies, both written by Zombie Dating Guide creator Stacey Graham. The winner will receive a copy of the zombie anthology, The Undead that Saved Christmas, and a Night of the Living Trekkies autographed poster. Get the detail at The Zombie Xmas Carol Contest.


The final contest is from Quirk Books author Ben Winters. He is giving away three signed copies of Android Karenina and a heavily annotated copy of Anna Karenina that Ben used to create the mash-up version. Get all the details at Ben's site at http://www.benhwinters.com/

Good luck. Live long and prosper...and may the creative force be with you.

Princess Leia from Night of the Living Trekkies

Night of the Living Trekkie fan and artist, David Naughton-Shires, produced this amazing image of Leia, our six foot tall, Star Wars quoting heroine from Night of the Living Trekkies.

Here is a little bit about David:

Within hours of David Naughton-Shires birth his parents found a crayon in his hand and from that point forward the world would never be the same. David, the family man is the proud father of three wonderful children and shares his love and passion for art with his beautiful wife. Authors from around the world have taken notice of David’s creative genius and contracted with him to provide original cover art for their novels.

Not a one dimensional man, when he is not working as an Event Planner or in the world of security, he follows his other interests which include photography and writing. David is an avid reader of multiple genres and a fan of the great Super Hero Batman. David is a master at his craft and longs for a successful career change to work as an illustrator full time.

He has had published work along with author Robert Cordray on his first fully illustrated book Grunge Bob Camo Pants: Zombie Hunter ( http://grungebobcamopants.com ) and is working away on book two. He also recently received good news that not one but 5 of his short stories have been accepted to appear in anthologies by three different small press publishers.

You can see more of David’s work by heading to his web site ( http://theimagedesigns.com ) where you will find a link to his Facebook pages. If you want to contact him directly you can do so via email at daratgh@hotmail.com or create@theimagedesigns.com .

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Support your fellow Geek!

Zombie fan and host of Geekscape (the official media sponsor for the now legendary ZomBcon 2010 zombie culture convention) Jonathan London, and brother Paul, needs some support. They are strong finalists in Ford's social media campaign for its 2012 Ford Focus; Focus Rally America. The more fans & followers They have, the more likely we are to be selected to compete! If chosen, 10 of their closest followers may win a 2012 Ford Focus. All of the episodes will be airing on Hulu! They are CLOSE, Facebook, so let's keep it rocking!

Support your fellow GEEK!

Sunday, November 7, 2010

Zombiepalooza! ZomBcon 2010

ZomBcon was not only the first event centered solely on zombie culture, but an amazing gathering of horror icons. George A Romero, Bruce Campbell, Ted Raimi, the ladies of Evil Dead, actors from Day of the Dead, and Dawn of the – basically any really memorable movie made in the 70’s or 80’s with the word “Dead” in the title was represented. A real Halloween treat not just for zombie fans but for horror geeks of all kinds.
Just a few highlights:
• Kick off event was an 80’s styled prom, where only the dead danced at the Prom Night of the Living Dead. Molly Ringwald and Ducky were not in attendance.
• Max Brooks gave an entertaining and informative Zombie Survival seminar followed by Roger Ma’s Zombie Combat training – we all left informed and better prepared for the inevitable zombie apocalypse.
• Bruce Campbell conducted a mass wedding of the dead – allowing dozens of zombie couples to renew their vows so their love may continue into the rotting hereafter.
• Malcolm McDowell hosted a Zombie vs, Trekkies Family Feud on the main stage which brought the house down.
• Amazing panels like Zombies & Why We Love Them, Mash Up Literature, and so much more.
• Fantastic items for sale like Zombie Flesh Jerky. Available in spicy and mild. There was even a vegetarian version, although I can’t imagine why.
• But best of all - George A. Romero, a gracious and warm human being that spent hours of his time meeting everyone that wanted to shake his hand.

Besides meeting Mr. Romero, and fans of Night of the Living Trekkies, I most enjoyed the humor and creativity of the conventioneers that went all out in making their costumes. There was Zombie Robin Hood, Zombie Snow White, Zombie Gumby, Zombie Spock, Zombie Red-Shirts, Zomb-BEES (hilarious) and some costume contest winners Zombie Luke Skywalker and Zombie Han Solo.

Zombie fans are simply AWESOME!

Have a look at some ZomBcon pictures – Quirk Books Flicker

A few other things have been happening lately that I should mention. My Story "Momentum" will finally see its day in print in the UK magazine Murky Depths. The story has never been in print but it was the first story of mine to be heard on my favorite podcast – The Drabblecast. (Momentum DC Episode #23) Speaking of the Drabblecast, writer D.K. Thompson and I got together to pen a two part episode for the Drabblecast's Halloween show this year. Its a fun sci-fi, horror mashup that continues a sci-fi film from the 70's that I think was ahead of its time.

Over the Halloween weekend two interviews with me aired, one on Star Trek radio and another on Fan Central Fancast on Blog Talk Radio.

It was a bussy October and Halloween, and honestly I'm glad its over. About midway through October I was starting to say, "Is it Thanksgiving yet?" Anyway, looking forward to some rest and spending the coming holidays with my wife and kids.

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Sandeep Parikh as Gary

Last Saturday I finished up the first of two BORDERS’ Night of the Living Trekkies book signing in Southern California, and I learned that the only thing I like more than writing about a zombie outbreak at a Star Trek convention is meeting people who love to READ about a zombie outbreak at a Star Trek convention. Talking zombies, Star Trek and Sci-fi with people that live eat and breathe those genres is more fun than a Klingon Feast, or even tribble lined underwear. I got a dozen suggestions for sequel titles, scenarios, new characters, and a lot of urging for the follow up to have more Star Wars!

Questions ranged from, did we research everything or were we fanboys enough to know what a Lurpa was, to did Elvis Borgsley survive? But I think that the most common question I got over and over was, when is the movie coming out?!. With at least half of the folks that stopped by first having heard of Night of the Living Trekkies because of the amazing book trailer that debuted on YouTube in September, there seemed to be a lot of interest in seeing Trekkies on the big screen. Some even gave me actor suggestions as if Sam or I would be in charge of casting the film. So on that note, if you were in charge of casting for Night of the Living Trekkies, who would you want to play, Jim, Rayna, and the rest of the crew?

Next signing for Night of the Living Trekkies will be October 23rd, at the Riverside Plaza BORDERS, in Riverside Ca, starting at 4pm.
Address - 3615 Riverside Plaza Drive
Riverside, CA 92506

Shoot for the head, and prosper!

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Are You Ready to Prosper!!

Fangoria - America's Horror Magazine gave Night of the Living Trekkies a wonderful review. Which you can read here.
The first of two book signings in Southern Ca. is coming up - This Saturday, October 16th at the BORDERS in Mira Loma, beginning at 2pm. I visited the story today and was very impressed. There is Night of the Living Trekkies promotional posters up, and an entire end-cap dedicated to Quirk's latest mash-up novel. It's also in a beautiful location and my son really enjoyed the Toys R'us outlet store next door. And truth be told, so did I.
For more info about this Saturday's signing click here

Thursday, September 23, 2010

Geeky Inspiration

Just found this on the interwebs and I was so jazzed. Night of the Living Trekkies inspired a designer in the UK to create a Halloween card. I wish I could have thirty, or so.
EmKay Designs.

If you are in the Southern California area, and would like me to scribble my name on a copy of Night of the Living Trekkies for you then you're in luck.

We have two Book signings coming up at Inland Empire Borders, in October.

October 16th, 2010
Borders - Book Signing
12423 Limonite Ave.
Mira Loma, CA 91752
Starting at 2 pm

October 23rd, 2010
- Book Signing
3615 Riverside Plaza Drive
Riverside, CA 92506
Starting at 4 pm

No info on ZomBcon in Seattle yet. I think I'm going. We'll see. Okay, back to work.

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Book Trailer - Night of the Living Trekkies

I'm gonna make this fast because I feel horrible. My kids are sick, I'm sick - lots of fun here at the Anderson homestead. But I dragged myself to the laptop to blog because the book trailer was released today, and honestly, its everything I'd hoped it would be.
Blood, Guts, and Trekkies - Click to watch
The folks over at Techland did a review of the trailer - Book Trailer Bloody Good Fun.
The Press Enterprise (largest paper in the Inland Empire -S.Cal) ran a piece on me this mooring.
Star Trek, Zombies Mix in Inland Man's Novel - I really need to get some professionally taken - head shots.

Okay, that's enough, back to bed.

Friday, September 10, 2010

Raise the Shields! Unnecessary Close-Up!

Warning: Noses in newspapers may appear larger than they really are.

Night of the Living Trekkies is officially out, and there have been some very nice write-ups and reviews.

  1. Zombies plus Trekkies. What could go wrong? The L.A. Times
  2. Trekkie goes where no zombies have gone before The NC Times / The Californian
  3. Romero meets Roddenberry in ‘Night of the Living Trekkies’ The L.A. Times
After looking at my picture in the NC Times I really wished I’d spend the $60 it would have cost to get a professional head shot taken. My wife says I’m a cheap bastard, but I prefer the term “thrifty” – derived from the name of the Roman Emperor, Thrifticus Maximus, who of course was a cheap bastard.

I’m extremely excited about the Book Trailer coming out in a week or so. Yes, Book Trailer! Quirk Books has done an amazing job with these trailers, my favorite being the one for Sense and Sensibility and Sea Monsters.

Quirk is also running a contest for Night of The Living Trekkies. You can read all about it here, but basically if you hit the “LIKE” button on the NotLT Facebook page, you will be entered to win.

There has been some talk about book signings for Trekkies in October at a few Borders in Southern Cal, but nothing nailed down yet. Also it seems I may be going, with my co-author Sam Stall, to the first ever all-zombie convention, Zombcon, in Seattle, this Halloween weekend. But again, not nailed down yet. I’m not sure what Sam and I will be doing, but rumor has it that there is a Zombie vs. Trekkies Family Feud hosted by Malcolm Mcdowell, in the works.

Since most Zombies don’t talk I’m thinking the odds are tipped in the Trekkies' favor.

Anyway, trying really hard to ignore all of this and focus on finishing a new novel. Really need to just chain myself to a desk, and not get up until it’s done. Okay, back to the grindstone.

Wednesday, August 4, 2010

The Story So Far

Trekkies is on the shelves. At Barnes and Noble you can find it in the New Science Fiction section, top shelf. There is a nice review of Night of the Living Trekkies up on Amazon, and here is another great review from The Necromancer Bog.

Promotions will be starting soon, some interviews being scheduled including one for my alma mater for Fresno State Magazine. There has been some talk about a few more signings and events, but nothing nailed down yet. In the meantime I'm doing my best to ignore all that and stay focused, and write. Currently I'm polishing the first draft of a new zombie novel proposal which I think, like Trekkies, will have a new spin on the genre. I'm in the middle of a rewrite of a YA novel based on some insightful suggestions from my agent, and I'm waiting to hear back on my Pseudopod submission, which I'd love to hear them produce. I haven't been on the pod since 2008 with Blood, Gridlock and PEZ - the short story that got me thinking about putting geeks up against some kind of horror scenario, the end result of which is Night of the Living Trekkies. I'm struggling to get a submission into The Drabblecast, my favorite fiction podcast, but can't seem to hit the flash fiction word count anymore.

Summer is coming to an end and don't tell my kids, but I'm so glad school starts next week. More time to write. You stay at home parents/writers, know what I'm taking about.

Well, that's the story so far - Live long and prosper.

"Eaten any good books lately?" -- Q (to Worf) (Deja-Q)

Sunday, July 25, 2010

Comic Con 2010 - NOTLT Book Signing

My first Mind Meld!

My head is still spinning from Comic Con. What an amazing, wild, strange, bizarre, and inspiring event. Not only did we hold the first book signing for Night of the Living Trekkies, but I got to meet a lot of wonderful people. I met my editor face-to-face for the first time, Jason Rekulac, the creator of Quirk Classics and the idea man behind Pride and Prejudice and Zombies, Brett Cohen, VP of Marketing at Quirk Books, the people putting on ZomBcon in Seattle this Halloween weekend, Johnathan London from the Geekscape podcast, and lots of folks during the signing who loved talking zombies and Star Trek. My two favorite subjects.

When I got to the Quirk Books' booth before the signing
I was very happy to see people lined-up, waiting to get their
signed copy of Night of the Living Trekkies

Me and my editor, Jason, after signing the first copy.

Can't see her in the shot but the woman I am signing a copy for is
wearing an awsome black and gold Jedi costume.

This is Maya Garcia, wearing a cadets uniform from the
2009 Star Trek movie. She was one of the first ones
to buy a signed copy.

Did I mention it was Star Wars Day

I had a great time. I want to thank Jason and Brett for inviting me to this spectacular event, and everybody at Quirk Books that has helped to make Night of the Living Trekkies possible.

Tuesday, July 20, 2010


After two years of frustration with my old web site host, I've finally got around to moving my site. New domain http://www.kevindavidanderson.com/. The old domain still forwards, http://www.kevin-anderson.net/, but if anyone has bookmarked the old site it won't work. I put up a redirect page at the old location but it looks like the host removed it. Just rude.

Sunday, July 18, 2010

Zombies! Zombies! Zombies!

With Comic Con just a few days away Zombie Walk: San Diego has put together a list of Zombie related happenings over the four day event.

Comic Con Zombie Book Signings
Friday (7/23) at 2pm - Quirk Books booth 1637

Saturday (7/24) at 2pm - Quirk Books booth 1637
PPZ author Seth Grahame-Smith will also be making appearances earlier in the day. Check the Zombie Walk: San Diego Schedule for details.

Tuesday, July 6, 2010


The San Diego Comic Con is an event that defies description. I'm very excited to be going this year, signing advance copies of Night of the Living Trekkies. If you are going please stop by the Quirk Booth and if you haven't decided on a costume yet, may I suggest Zombie Trekkie.
Where: Quirk Books - booth 1637
When: Friday, (July 23rd) at 2pm

Seth Grahame-Smith will be sighing copies of his New York Times Best Seller, Pride and Prejudice and Zombies on Saturday at 2 pm at the Quirk Book's booth #1637

Wednesday, June 30, 2010


I was notified last night that I am now an Active Member of the SFWA (Science Fiction and Fantasy Writers of America) Wooohooo!

I've been a member of the HWA (Horror Writers of America) off and on for a few years, and have enjoyed the membership, and am now looking forward to being apart of SFWA.

Finally got info about Night of the Living Trekkies up on my web site, with some new graphics. A little bloody, but hey, we're talkin' Zombies here http://www.kevin-anderson.net/

Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Victory and Failure

Victory because I finished the first draft of a short story this morning. Failure because I sat down to write something in the flash fiction category for a market like The Drabblecast and it ended up being 5,000 plus words. I don’t think I’m ever gonna get that brevity back – that ability to tell a good and satisfying story with an economy of words. Maybe I should stop trying.

Well anyway, a first draft is done and now its time to put it away and let it simmer for a month or two. Cook on its own, let it develop beyond my preconceived notions of what it’s suppose to be. When I come back to it, with fresh eyes, I can focus on what I actually wrote and not what I tried to write. It’s a process. Forget what you expect and fine tune what you have. Hopefully there is enough good stuff on the page, between what you wanted and what’s really there, to mold it into something worth reading.

Submitted a few reprints the other day. Something I have not done in a while. I have some unpublished short stories but as I read through some of them, it’s pretty clear why they didn’t get published. Kind of reminds me of those commercials you see every once in a while for an album or collection by an aging or pasted away musician, claiming to contain previously unreleased tracks / songs. And when you get the opportunity to listen to some of those previously unreleased titles, it doesn’t take but a few moments to hear why they have gone unreleased. A turd is a turd no mater how you package it. We all create them. I guess the trick is to know the difference.

...and yes, I know that these pictures have nothing to do with my blog post - I just really like them.

Monday, June 21, 2010

I have a short story up at The Dunesteef

The guys at the Dunesteef have produced my short story, "The Day Hypnotism Died", and have included it in their latest episode along with a ghost story from Rick Kennett, "All on St. Mark's Eve." The best part, its all free.

Friday, June 18, 2010

Posters are being snatched up

I'm told at events like BookExpo 2010 that the poster is moving fast. Quirk had 400 on hand and they disappeared very quickly.

Saturday, May 29, 2010

I Grok William Shatner

Remember the first time you saw or heard William Shatner’s rendition of Rocket Man? If your initial thought was, “The man is brilliant!” then, most likely, you were drunk or high. But if you weren’t, then, like me, you are an unquestioning, devoted fan of the man who brought to life the greatest Starfleet Captain of all time – James Tiberius Kirk. Great White North born William Alan Shatner is my favorite celebrity (living or dead), and is simply the finest contribution Canada has made to the pop culture continuum.

Whenever I’m faced with a difficult decision, a fork in the road, I often ask myself, “What would Shatner do?” I let my ego take over, my smugness rises to the surface, and the answer always comes to me. My wife usually slaps me if I try to act on the Shatneresq-decision, prompting me to do the right thing, but that’s not the point. My heart and moral compass are always pointed at due Shatner, and if yours is too then I have a few books you might enjoy. Got a little bit of everything here: an autobiography, non-fiction, and some bizarre fiction - something for the Shatner in all of us.

Get A Life (Atria 1999) this is an autobiographical account of Shatner’s quest to better understand the menagerie of Trekkie conventions that he is so much apart of. Published back in 1999, the title “Get a Life,” is taken from the now infamous 1986 SNL sketch which shows Shatner berating Trekkies at a Star Trek convention, somewhat harshly, but extremely funny. He talks about the popular sketch in the book, and its reaction in the fan community, but the bulk of the book is dedicated to everything you wanted to know about Star Trek conventions. Shatner spent a great deal of time researching, even mixed with fans incognito (wearing a rubber alien mask) to gather unrestrained info from conventioneers, dealers and to really get to know the fans, that he admits he’s always maintained some distance. My favorite parts were the chapters on the history of the Star Trek conventions, and the real life Mission Impossible-styled attempts to keep the show alive after the initial cancellation. Shatner interviews the daring and brave souls who came together to put on the first all trek event, boldly going where no convention had gone before.

The Encyclopedia Shatnerica: An A to Z Guide to the Man and His Universe (Quirk Books 2008) Even though he is my favorite celebrity it just isn’t possible to know ever detail of a man whose career can only be described as epic. He’s an Actor, singer, director, novelist, horseman, game-show host, spoken-word performer – interstellar babes want him, Klingons fear him. Is there anything William Shatner can't do? Absolutely not. Don’t even entertain such thoughts. New York based author, Robert Schnakenberg chronicles Shatner’s numerous adventures, exploits and contributions to man-kind in shatnerific detail, scholarly reverence, and in alphabetical order. This is a reference book like no other, and mandatory reading for true followers of Shatnerology.

Shatnerquake (Eraserhead Press 2009) When zealot Bruce Campbell fans (Campbellians) set off a fiction bomb at the first ever ShatnerCON, all the charectors portrayed by Shatner come to life, with one mission. Kill William Shatner! Bizarro author Jeff Burk, creates a surreal world where TJ Hooker, Captain Kirk, and Priceline-Shatner all come together in a gory zombie-esq riot of cataclysmic proportion. Overflowing with pop culture references, that don’t pander to the uninitiated, Shatnerquake was the most fun and entertaining reading experience I’ve had in ten years. I am hoping for a sequel.

There are a few more Shatner / Trek Universe books out there I haven’t gotten too yet, and if you have already read some of these let me know which ones are worth the gold pressed latinum, and any recommendations you have.

Up Till Now: The Autobiography - Shatner
Star Trek Memories – Shatner
I Am Spock - Nimoy
Captain Kirk's Guide to Women – Rodriguez

Live long and prosper.

Sunday, May 16, 2010

Switching Gears

I sat down this morning determined to write a short story, (or at least start one) something I have not really done, with serious effort, in almost two years. The last few years have been filled with longer novel length projects. With a novel on its way to the printer, a proposal under consideration, and a rough draft of a new novel on its way to some first time readers, I thought I'd switch gears and write a short piece that I've wanted to get to since last summer. Although I've been thinking about this story for a long time, the blank page just stared up at me - mockingly. Ha, ha, its been two hours and you have written diddly squat! Its not that I didn't write anything, its just that it was harder than I thought to think in terms of shorter, less details, and no subplots. I'd get a few paragraph in and think, oh, this will be a nice direction and add details that would develop the characters. But then I'd realize that none of it moved the plot forward. All fine and dandy for a novel, but boring as hell in a short story. At least the short stories I like to read. After four hours of working I got almost twp pages. Pathetic! But I think I successfully, for the most part, switched gears, and should be on track the next time I sit down. If not, maybe I'll just fine a nice comforatable subplot, and go with it.

Thursday, May 13, 2010

Spring is in the Air

Its that time of year again. The flowers are blooming, the bees are buzzing, and the fairy collectors are renewing their tiny folk hunting licenses. Now is the perfect time to review the article How to Mount and Frame Fairies by Dr. Morgan Z Vile - how-to author, expert pixie slayer, and former President of the Fairy Hunters of America. This Severed Wing Award Winning how-to article, is brought to life via audio podcast, by the fine folks at the Dunesteef Audio Fiction Magazine.

Happy Hunting!

Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Kevin David Anderson audio story FREE this week

My story "Fear Factor" is available as a free download, for the next week only, at Sniplits.com. Fear Factor - When Nog the dragon tries to put his destructive ways behind him, the Guild of Magical Creatures is not amused.
Sniplits is featuring two free stories this week, mine and Return of the Warrior By Laird Long - A mighty, reluctant warrior is forced to re-arm and do battle with an exasperatingly evil Wizard, all in the name of fairer taxation.

The narrator of both of this week's free Sniplits stories is Malcolm Rothman


Thursday, March 25, 2010

Odd Rejection

Rejections come and rejections go, but this one will be with be a while. Finally got a desicion from Andramada Spaceways Magazine about a submission they have had for 5 months. After making it through several rounds here is what they sent me:

Thank you for submitting to Andromeda Spaceways.

Unfortunately, while we liked your submission, so far we
have not found a place for it ... and it is against
our policy to hold onto a story indefinitely. Much as we'd
like to, we just don't have the room to print all the stories
we get -- not even all the good ones. So sadly, I'm going
to have to very reluctantly let this one go.

If it got this far, you can rest assured that your story
is of high quality and you should be able to find a home
for it. I look forward to hearing from you again.

Better luck next time!

I have supplied some notes from the readers, in case you find them useful.
(All these are only the opinions of the readers.)

Very well written, an enjoyable story. This one definitely needs to head up the ladder.
Hope that's of some help, and better luck next time!

Am I wrong or did they just say, "You're perfect for the job, but unfortunatly, there is no job"

Well, that one is a head scratcher.

Saturday, March 13, 2010

How do I Celebrate?

This week I became an Active Member of the Horror Writers Association. I have no idea how one should celebrate such a thing. Any ideas?

Saturday, March 6, 2010

What the Frak?!

Sorry, but I went to reset the comment settings on my blog this morning, and for whatever reason it deleted every comment on every post on the entire blog. Son of a Borg!

Thursday, March 4, 2010

Kevin Anderson is no more

Sad but true. (not really) I'm being replaced by the new and improved Kevin "David" Anderson. It's not that much of a change but it does have that new by-line smell. For reasons that will be clear soon I have had to make the change to avoid consumer confusion. So from now and for the publishable future I will be Kevin David Anderson.

It's going to take a little getting used to, as the only one who ever called me Kevin David Anderson, was my mom, and it usually meant I was in trouble.

In Short Story news my humorous fantasy story “Fear Factor” has made it to the final round of reading at Andromeda Spaceways Inflight Magazine, a Sci-Fi and Fantasy publication produced in Australia. Not to excited about this as I have yet to ever have a story make it into print if the selection process involves multiple rounds of reading. It’s happened to me at least a dozen times. I have the same luck with job interviews. In the last three years I’ve been the prospective employer’s number 2 candidate, at least five times. Which is fine, just that there is no paycheck for number 2, just a lot of interviewing, hand shaking, and fake smiling.

My web site will have a new look very soon. It’s all done really (except for the name changing in the header) and I’m just awaiting the green light. It will look much like the redesign of my blog – which I have to change the name as well.

That’s it for now. This is Kevin “David” Anderson, saying so long, and may the Farce be with you.