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3 Lesser Known Holiday Films

 We all know Its a Wonderful Life, A Christmas Story, Christmas Vacation, Miracle on 34th Street, and Debbie Does the North Pole. These films are staples of the holiday season. But there are a few others I'd like to give a holiday shout out to that I think you may really enjoy.

1) The Hebrew Hammer - Who is the Hebrew Hammer? He's Philip Marlowe, Han Solo, and Shaft all rolled into one. He's a bad-ass Heb on a mission - Save Hanukkah.

Currently streaming on Netflix - The Hebrew Hammer

2) Rare Exports - A Christmas Tale. This movie is a gift from Finland, magical, scary, and amazing. You never really know where this one is going, but when it gets there it's a strange visual rush that is not easily forgotten.

Also streaming on Netflix - Rare Exports - A Christmas Tale

3) [REC] 3 Genesis - If you are familiar with the [REC] films from Spain, and their American half-ass remakes, you know that we are dealing with Zombies. [REC] 3 is basically Zombies at a Wedding. What do…

Stocking Stuffer

I’ve learned a few things in my short life that I think are, for the most part, absolute truths; Never get involved in a land war in Afghanistan or Southeast Asia, The police never think it’s as funny as you do, Never get attached to a Red Shirt on Star Trek, Coke is better than Pepsi, A cell phone is only as annoying as the person using it, A diet drink does NOT offset the calories in French fries and a cheeseburger, and the Zombie Tarot deck from Quirk Books may be the perfect stocking stuffer this year for fans of the undead and the mystic arts.
Based on the classic Rider-Waite set, I assume, this unique tarot deck first seizes your attention with some retro 50’s style artwork by Paul Kepple. Amazing, beautiful, creative, stylish are adjectives that come to mind not only in attempting to describe the cards themselves but the packaging. The box that the deck comes in is so well done, I proudly display it on my bookshelf. I particularly love the image off bullets simulated along the …

BookNosh - Author of the Month

Booknosh, an independent book review website has named me their author of the month. Not sure how I got the honor but I'll take it. There is an interview, with some talk about Trek, future projects, and a possible follow up to Night of the Living Trekkies.
Link to the Interview
Link to their review of NotLT

Just for fun I through up some graphics at CafePress, should anyone feel an overwhelming need to possess a NotLT coffee mug or T-Shirt.

I'm starting our annual NotLT Holiday Wreath craziness over at our FaceBook page. Already have a few making the Internet rounds, and a fan, Jo Jaquinta, put together a kind of audio track for The Wreath of Khan, then uploaded it to YouTube. You can listen to it here - Wreath of Khan on YouTube

Night of the Living Trekkies infects Disneyland!

Yes, the Night of the Living Trekkies infection has spread to the happiest place on Earth - Zombie Trekkies have been spotted at Disneyland. NotLT fans Lindsay Stanley and her fellow Tomorrowland co-workers, Bri Bower and Kara Rickert, decided to appear as undead Trekkies at an event at Disneyland. Truly a breathtaking look for the land of tomorrow. Thank you ladies. Well done!

Just a few more days left to check out my Monster Movie collection on display this month at the Temecula Public Library. Since I lost my office space a few years ago, it was nice to have the opportunity to unbox these poseable creatures and let folks take a peek. Happy Halloween, be safe and have fun.

Top 21 List of Zombie Comedies - Kevin David Anderson

Horror Comedy, when done well, is a rare and wondrous thing. Delivering real terror and side splitting laughs in the same scene is a daunting task. I don’t think any filmaker hit the ball further out of the park in this genre than Jon Landis, with An American Werewolf in London. The film is a steady stream of gore, terror and laugh out loud funny moments. But in the sub-genre of horror comedy, there is one specific incarnation that I truly love – the ZomCom, sometimes called Zombedies or more simply, Zombie Comedy. Whatever you call it, there is no type of film I enjoy more. It’s a genre that says, just because it’s the apocalypse doesn't mean we should stop laughing.

I’ve compiled a list of what I think are the twenty-one best Zombie Comedies to date. It’s not based on anything other than my humble opinion. To keep the list to twenty-one, (I started off trying to do a top ten list) I had to eliminate films that were not really zombie films. These distinctions are all debatable, …

Out Of My Comfort Zone

Six or seven years ago an editor got in touch with me and asked if I'd contribute a story to an anthology she was putting together. As a writer it’s a great feeling when the market knocks on your door as apposed to the other way around. Only problem with this anthology was that it was going to in the genre of Horror Erotica. For those not initiated, think blood and sex, sex and blood, and the ever popular sex, blood and sex. Not really my cup of tea as a reader or a writer, but not wanting to say no, I dove into the other end of the horror pool and gave it my best shot. Well, the editor loved it, accepted it, and a month later the anthology folded. That would have been the end of the story until I noticed a call for submissions to a charity anthology called Coming Together: Arm in Arm in Arm... a horror anthology of Tentacle Erotica (also called Tentacle Porn). Yeah, I’m not going to explain Tentacle Erotica. Use your imagination. Anyway, this antho edited by erotic writer and edi…

Movie Ideas

Had a few movie ideas. No scripts just posters.

Dusting off the Blog

It's an election year and I'm not really feeling it from either side yet, so there is a good chance I may write this ticket in. The ads are starting to run here in California which is kind of strange since I didn't think we were a battleground state. In any case, it should be an interesting election.

Not much to blog about really, just dusting some of the Internet dust off this thing, basically to see if it still works. I did place a short erotic horror story with a charity anthology, but I'll post about that when I know more about it.  I have one manuscript with my agent, one on my desk, one in the works, and one being outlined - which may be a follow up to Night of the Living Trekkies. So lots going on, but at the same time, not much happening. Hope that will change soon.

Frak Me

"If Newt Gingrich is Captain Kirk, then I'm William Fracking Shakespeare!"  - Kevin David Anderson

Why Write Fiction

Why write fiction? It's a question that's been on my mind a lot lately. Sometimes I feel like I'm trying to master an ancient craft, little appreciated, lacking mass interest. Just ten years ago I could be in a coffee shop or just standing in a line to pay a utility bill (usually late) and almost everybody had a book in their hand. I was recently in such a line, with about fifteen other people and with the exception of myself, no one was reading. Books have been replaced with electronic devises, little windows into an entire world of time killing mediocrity. It would give me some peace of mind if one or two of the folks in line with me were enjoying an eBook, but as I scanned the tiny screens around me, emitting bleeps, just over the tapping sounds of fast moving thumbs, I could see that wasn't the case. Cell phone games, texting and checking the latest FaceBook post from people they most likely have never met, seems to occupy the majority of people's free time. F…