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Night Terrors III, ZomBEEs, and more...

Blood Bound Books has just released their latest anthology, Night Terrors III, which includes my story, Home Care, and others from Jack Ketchum, Dennis Etchison, Steve Resnic Tem, and many more. Available currently as an e-book on Amazon, the trade paperback version should be coming soon.

It looks as if the fate of my new novel Night of the ZomBEEs (working title) will not be decided on until early next years. Its been a long road for this one as the first draft was finished in 2011, but 2015 will be the year. I hope.

I recently noticed that on Halloween an audio version of one of my stories was reissued as part of the award winning Drabblecast's new series, Drabbleclassics. Its one of my favorite episodes with host Norm Sherman doing his best Crypt Keeperish jokes, followed by a reading of my story The Box Born Wraith. And with a Drabbleclassic episode there is a discussion that follows with some very astute horror editors and fans.

Have a happy holiday …

The Fall of the Feast

Just a warm, seasonal yarn I penned a few years back. First published in the anthology Barnyard Horrors (2013) from JWK Press.

The Fall of the Feast
by Kevin David Anderson

For a hundred generations they waited for the messiah. When she finally arrived her genetically engineered size was commanding, formidable. She encountered no resistance to her authority, but eventually there were challengers. When two robust males tried to depose her, she quickly snapped their necks, and threw their carcasses into the seething crowd.
Her subjects circled the dead challengers, unsure what to do. But with the messiah’s encouragement, they began to feed. Slowly at first, like children sampling the taste of new food. Then in a furious swell of bloodlust the crowd swarmed in, ripping mouthfuls of flesh from the corpses. The first part of her plan was complete. The messiah’s army now had a taste for blood.
Forming them into platoons, she taught them to hold ranks, and attack in waves; thrusting deadly tal…


I understand that having your most intimate moments passed around the internet must be a horrifically upsetting situation, and I feel for Jennifer Lawrence, Kirsten Dunst, pop star Ariana Grande, and the others, but there is no one to blame but themselves. There is one basic rule of the world wide web regarding privacy, and it has existed, without change, since Al Gore invented the internet. It’s the rule I teach my children and it’s the rule that if Ms. Lawrence, Dunst, and Grande would have taken to heart they would not be experiencing their current embarrassment. Simply put it is this: Unless you are 100% comfortable with the idea that whatever you are about to upload to the internet (picture, video, comment, email, post, status update, etc…) will be available to everyone on the planet, forever – if that idea makes you hesitate, even for a moment, then don’t do it. It’s that simple. And if there was a second rule to internet privacy, it would just read: See rule number one.
It’s …

ZomBEEs on Hold!

Due to interesting and unexpected news the release of Night of the ZomBEEs - a zombie novel with BUZZ! has been put on hold. Nothing has gone wrong, in fact this is good news, which may turn into fantastic news.
I think one of my favorite things about life on this planet (just below ice cream) is that you really never know with absolute certainty what tomorrow will bring.
I will post updates as they come in.

Katniss Everdeen Must Pee!

I mean, don’t you think? But no. Two, three weeks in the woods, and not once did she pee.
If you don’t know who Katniss Everdeen is, where have you been, and what have you been doing with your life? No shame in it though. Ms. Everdeen is the heroin of the Hunger Games trilogy, YA novels that center on a violent blood sport in which children are forced to murder one another for the entertainment of a futuristic dystopian society. If you can get past the kid-on-kid violence and the fact that the novel’s main idea was surreptitiously borrowed from the Japanese novel Battle Royal and or its film adaptation, then it’s a pretty entertaining read.
My daughter started the books this summer and I though I’d tag along for the ride. We are both enjoying the novels, but one thing really bugged me. No one ever has to pee. Going to the bathroom is never all that relevant to a story, so I understand why us writers tend to give it a pass in our pros, but our heroin, Katniss Everdeen, is in a life a…

Night of the ZomBEEs

Night of the ZomBEEs - New novel coming out this month and its about time. I finished the first draft in 2011, just a few months after Night of the Living Trekkies was released. After a half dozen drafts later, handling by several agents and publishers, it will finally see the light of day this month on Amazon. More on this as the date approaches.

The Haunting of Hill House by Shirley Jackson My rating: 4 of 5 stars This has been on my to read list for more than 20 years. I'm a big fan of the first film based on this novel (The Haunting 1963) and now I'm a fan of the book. Jackson's story about an unsettling house and the four people that spend a week within its walls is a character driven slow burn that by today's high gore standards might not make an impression. But I can imagine that 60 years ago it was extremely terrifying. And I think every haunted house story that has come after has been inspired by The Haunting of Hill House. 
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Doctor Sleep by St…

Free Kindle Download

Between February 17th and 19th, the kindle edition of my collection, Blood, Gridlock, & PEZ will be available as a free download.

Visit a post apocalyptic world where it becomes difficult to distinguish friends from food. Experience the dead reaching forward from the past to influence the future of the living. Summon nerves of steel to remove the spiders living in a human brain. Conspire with malevolent jack-o’-lanterns to stop a mad man. And stand up to death in the middle of a traffic jam with only your wits, and PEZ. 

Blood, Gridlock, & PEZ on Amazon

Night Terrors III

Its official! Blood Bound Books has added me to the TOC of the new edition in their Night Terrors anthology series. My short story "Home Care," will appear somewhere in Night Terrors III. I don't think they have released a complete TOC or a NT3 cover design, but when they do I'll share. Blood Bound Books is a small genre press publishing out of Arizona, and even though they have only been around for a few years, they already have an impressive catalog.  My short story collection, Blood, Gridlock, & PEZ: Podcasted Tales of Terror, got a little makeover recently. Little nip and tuck on the cover design and to celebrate I'm going to offer it as a free download sometime in February. Just waiting for the paperback to get proofed then I'll change the prices on Amazon. And if all goes well, I should have my new novel available around the 1st of April. No Fooling.
I've been asked to speak to an interesting class, via Skype, at Mansfield University (Pennsylvan…