Monday, September 18, 2017

October Rising

I love October. Always have. Fall is underway, and Halloween is just around the corner. And this October I have two stories coming out. The first, Babysitting for Writers, will appear in the Halloween edition of Unnerving Magazine which is now available for pre-order. 

Later in the month on October 22nd my story The Mount of Death will come out in the HWA San Diego Chapter's anthology California Screamin'. The anthology has an introduction by New York Times Best Selling author Johnathan Maberry, and stories by Kevin Wetmore, E.S. Magill, Chad Stroup, Sarah Read, Richard Goldsmith, Brian Asman, Kristina Grifant, Jean Grahm, Billy Ingreso, James Jensen, Nickolas Furr, Alexandra Neumeister, Aaron Smith and a poem by Lori R. Lopez. 

There will be a launch signing/reading/party at Mysterious Galaxy in San Diego on 10/22/17 at 2pm. I'm not scheduled to attend but I'm trying to make it. 

Mysterious Galaxy Bookstore
5943 Balboa Ave#100, San Diego, CA 92111

I got a head start on Halloween this year in July as I attended Midsummer Scream, a mid-summer Halloween convention that is like Disneyland for horror fans. There has been a rise in Halloween themed conventions across the country and Mid Summer Scream is by far one of the best.