Two More Stories Now Available in Audio

My story Third Shift is now available on Jason Hill's Horror Hill Podcast Season 2, Episode 4. Growing Pains. If you're not familiar with The Horror Hill podcast, it's part of the Simply Scary Podcast network, which seems to be dedicated to the genre of horror producing an astounding amount of content available on YouTube and wherever you get your podcasts.

Third Shift has been published several times, even produced as a radio drama in 2009 and broadcast live on Halloween. This latest interpretation from the very talented Jason Hill is fantastic. It's a heavy dialogue piece and if you have ever heard any of Jason's work you know he is amazing with dialogue, giving each character their own voice, and going far beyond the written words provided. The episode features two other stories, It Grows Inside by G.V. Anderson and Oddity by Meegan J. Meehan.

One of the contestants on Evil Idol (Think American Idol but for voice actors, and not god awful) Rob Davids made it to …

New Charity anthology for Australia

It always feels good to donate to a worthy cause and this is definitely most worthy. My strange love story Damaged will appear in Burning Love and Bleeding Hearts, a charity anthology put together by Louise Zedda-Sampson and Chris Mason to aid the victims of the devastating Australian bushfires.  All proceeds will go to the Australian Red Cross. 
The official release date is Valintine's Day (Feb 14th) but the anthology is available for pre-order on Amazon Burning Love and Bleeding Hearts
Other contributions to the anthology include: Erik Hofstatter ~ “Tender Whisper on a Crimson Tongue” Kurt Newton ~ “Honeymoon Lodge”, “Bloom”, “The Rose Room” Susan Snyder ~ “When He Comes” Janis Butler Holm ~ “Abduction Again” Russell Hemmell ~ “Orchid, Squirrel, White Hot Star”, “Lover Song, Mantis Instinct” Josh Strnad ~ “A Receipt” William Falo ~ “Broken Crows” Bruce Meyer ~ “Invisible Boy” Miguela Considine ~ “Oldstones” Lynne Lumsden Green ~ “Smoke Signals” Kevin David Anderson ~ “Damaged” …

Interview by Stuart R. West

Author Stuart West interviewed me recently for his blog. We talked about comedy in horror, a bit about our wives, whether or not I'm a redneck, and dove into my new book Midnight Men, from Grinning Skull Press. I shamefully plugged my book as much as I could and tried to come up with reasons that put me in the not a redneck column. Did I do a good job? You be the judge. Thanks to Mr. West for a fun interview. It's nice to chat with other writers, especially those with a quick wit and a dark sense of humor.
Interview by Stuart R. West
Rollin' Down the Supernatural Highway with Author Kevin David Anderson

In other news, I just published my second Joke Book for kids under my pen name Giggle A Lott and Nee Slapper. This one has a prehistoric theme - Jurassic Jokes: A Joke Book 65 Million Years in the Making, and is currently available in Trade Paperback. Kindle edition coming soon. 

I had the pleasure of reading Stuart R West's latest book Corporate Wolf. This is a comedy ho…

Midnight Men: The Book Trailer

Produced by podcaster and artist Jason Hill of the Horror Hill podcast on the Simply Scary Podcast Network

EVIL DEAD the Musical

Had so much fun at Evil Dead the Musical last night, in San Diego. There was so much blood. Even got to take a pic with my favorite Kandarian Demon. If you have not seen a production of Evil Dead the Musical and would like to, check out this link: It lists all the productions going on around the country from now until the middle of next year:

I think this is definitely going to be my Xmas card photo

High Desert Book Festival

Had a good time at the High Desert Book Festival last weekend. Got to hang out with HWA LA Chapter author, Greg McWhorter and his wife (our photographer). I'd also like to announce that the first signed copies of my new book, Midnight Men, have been released into the wild. Midnight Men, from Grinning Skull Press, will be available to all on October 16th.