Dark Moon Digest #36 - The FUBAR Ritual

I'm very excited that my new short comedy horror story, The FUBAR Ritual, is finally available in print, also in ebook if you prefer. The story had originally been accepted by an anthology that held it for a good long while, but as so often happens, they never published.  The story was picked up by Dark Moon Digest, the quarterly horror magazine from Perpetual Motion Machine Press. I really enjoyed working with editor Lori Michelle, who has a good eye for finding my mistakes.  
The FUBAR Ritual is available now in Dark Moon Digest #36 on Amazon
Dark Moon Digest #36 on Amazon 

Midsummer Scream 2019

More than 30,000 horror fans came to this year's two day Midsummer Scream in Long Beach Ca. It's the kind of event you go to and see things you can't unsee, but in a good way. Its Disneyland for those of us that think The Shining is one heck of a romantic comedy. Good times. And just like Halloween, it comes and goes way to fast.

San Diego Comic Con

The San Diego Comic Con is not my cup of tea. Its huge and amazing, but it's just too much. Not in a bad way, its just so overwhelming. I was ready to go home after a few hours, but I brought my kids and although this wasn't their first Pop Culture Con, it was their first San Diego Comic Con. So they wanted to see as much as they could. It was a 12 hour day when we finally made it home, and unless its work related, I probably won't go back. I prefer the smaller cons, (Midsummer Scream, Long Beach Comic Con, Comic Con Revolution, even WonderCon) where you can see most of the same stuff and there is just a little more room to breathe.

The popular No Sleep Podcast has released their version of my short story Blood, Gridlock, and PEZ. The story is produced by: Jesse Cornett and includes the voice talents of Atticus Jackson, Nichole Goodnight, Dan Zappulla, Jesse Cornett, andKyle Akers. The episode also has an interview with Elijah Wood. The story is on the subscriber side of the episode so you must be a NoSleep Podcast member to listen, or pay $2 for the episode. Episode link: Season 13 episode 1
Kevin and Drabblecast host Norm Sherman discuss the horror genre, the origins of Cryptkeeper Norm, and the hit story The Box-Born Wraith featured as Drabblecast episode 87 back in 2008. The episode was their  second official Halloween Special. Click here to listen to this special Director's Cut episode of The Drabblecast

Evil Musical

Evil Dead the Musical has been around since 2003, ever since Canadian playwright George Reinblatt took a hard look at the Evil Dead trilogy and said to himself, what the franchise really needs is some song and dance numbers. And wow was he right. The musical has been performed around the country to sell out crowds ever since. Most productions will have what is called the splash zone (usually the first three rows) and if you have seen the films you know what those are for - think Galliger but with more crimson. 
So when my daughter told me that her high school was going to perform Evil Dead the Musical: High School edition, I didn't believe her. Turns out it was true. Four full performances of blood, gore, and singing! And when my daughter told me she had volunteered to work tech, cleaning up blood, moving around props - chainsaw, ax, Necronomicon, I couldn't have been more proud. I got to see three of the four performances and I have to say these kids really rolled up their s…