Monday, January 19, 2009

On The Brighter Side - Mounting Fairies

A text version of my story Framing and Mounting Fairies, (first released in audio 11/2008 at the Dunsteef Audio Fiction Magazine) has just been released in the 3rd and final issue of On The Brighter Side. This is an online downloadable PDF publication, that had a very short life, but just one of many small press zines to bite the dust in this dismal economy.

Of the three issue the editors did manage to get out before its demise, I think the 3rd is by far the best. It is, or was, a publication dedicated to the genre of humor, a first for me, as most of my stuff finds its way into speculative anthologies and magazines. The R.I.P issue is available from their web site - On The Brighter Side.

Or download it directly by clicking HERE