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The Youthful Face of Unemployment

Today's Press Enterprise (main newspaper in the Inland Empire, Ca) is running my essay (Op-Ed piece) in the opinion section. Originally titled The Youthful Face of Unemployment, the editors changed it to Tattoos Torpedo Job Interviews. The new title is more to the point, which is what an opinion piece needs to be, and I guess its the fiction writer in me that keeps trying to create mystery with titles, the exact opposite of what a newspaper whats to do. Its hard to switch gears sometimes. But I was a bit curious why they removed a paragraph with statistics from a source that gave support to my position. I can only conclude that an opinion editorial needs to be just that, opinion, not facts. Too many facts and it sounds to much like a news story.

Not sure if this is something to worry about, but the subjects of my essays, may indicate that I am in danger of becoming (or I am already) a grumpy old man. My last essay, Put down the phone and be a parent criticized young parents for be…

Popping Kernels

I got some nice news this morning in an email from Withersin Magazine. My Flash Fiction story - its about 1600 words - is being held for a second read. Not a home run, but I'm on base, and looking to steal. WM will make their final decision by mid June, and if I make it in, it will be my second appearance in the magazine. They ran my story "Liberation," in 2008, with some outstanding, and creepy artwork by B.A. Bosaiya. If you haven't picked up a copy of WM, its worth checking out. It's one of the most intelligent Speculative Fiction magazines in the small press today.

In other news - I've recently tried to increase the amount of my submissions. I think I've been putting all my eggs in to few baskets of late, so I'm going back to the philosophy I utilized when I first started writing, that of having as many kernels in the frying pan as I can. The theory being that eventually, one will pop.

Currently I have submissions in at: Flash Me Magazine, Brutarian…