Monday, August 24, 2009


Finally, finally - THE END-

After sitting down to write what I assumed was a novella, a fast 20,000 word story that I'd have done in about 3-6 months, I was dismayed to learn that my fast easy little zombie project was a novel. So almost a year after typing the opening sentence, 300 pages, and 62 thousand words later I was finally able to type the words THE END. Draft number one is in the can, and after some clean up, I'll be sending it off to my beta readers. I had hoped that it would be fun summer reading for my reading volunteers, but the kids are back in school and it feels like summer is pretty much gone. But hey, it's a big planet, I'm sure it's summer somewhere.

In other short story news, one of my short tales (written back in 2004) will be apart of a live 2 hour Halloween radio show, broadcast this Halloween. Here is the blurb from the producer:

FinalRune Announces Live Halloween Radio Drama
This Halloween, FinalRune Productions teams up with WMPG and members from the Mad Horse Theater Company for a live spooktravanganza at the University of Southern Maine.The 2-hr live radio event will feature original work from writers Fred Greenhalgh, Mark LaFlamme, Kevin Anderson, and Roger Gregg. The stories range from the darkly funny to the terrifically dark: a city couple moves to a country mansion to find that all is not as it seems, a man finds himself doomed to fall in love with the same cursed woman, ice fisherman in Maine get an unexpected chill one winter's night, and a company will rent you laborers at a firesale price... just don't send any of the living too close to their work.The show will be held from 7-9PM EST on Halloween and is being performed as a benefit for WMPG's PowerUP! Campaign, which seeks to raise $250,000 for a new radio transmitter. The show will be performed before a live audience, and simultaneously broadcast and offered as a live internet stream. The show will also be archived in podcast format on Radio Drama Revival,

I know its only August, but I'm already jazzed about Halloween!