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A Little Bit of Success

Started reading Dan Brown’s The Lost Symbol, and tell me if you disagree, but the first 70 pages reads exactly like the first 70 pages of the Da Vinci Code.All the plot points and characters are there, he just changed their sex, age, race, locations and so forth.I assume the story will divert from the Code at some point, maybe that is what he’s doing, making us think we ….. oh, hell if I was Dan Brown and had written one of the most successful thrillers of all time, I’d just rewrite it too.The Dunesteef Audio Fiction Magazine has accepted a short story of mine titled, "The Day Hypnotism Died." Its one I've been tinkering with for a couple of years. Originally it was suppose to be a horror piece but it kept gravitating towards dark fantasy, which is probably a better description. Anyway, not sure when it will be podcasted but looking forward to it. Rish and Big always do a great job with their material, and they have assembled a really outstanding ensemble cast of voice t…



In order to enjoy the SciFi Channel’s Ghost Hunters, you must first, put your critical thinking, reasoning, skepticism, heck, just give yourself an intelligence lobotomy, and maybe this show will do it for you. But even a lobotomized troglodyte would still stare blankly at the screen and mumble, “What the hell?”

Imagine taking a couple of characters from that reality show in which they sit in a garage all day and build motorcycles, take two of those guys, give them some night vision cameras and a convoy of jet black SUVs (Just like the Evil storm chasers had in Twister) and tell them to go hunt ghosts.

So we have a show where the Skipper and his Little buddy (The Ghost Hunters) have spooky conversations like- “Dude, I totally saw something over there.”
“No, way.”
Does the audience ever get to see what they see? No, all they show us is these two yahoos reacting to all this stuff they claim they are seeing. This isn’t Reality TV, its Remedial TV. The SciFi network…