Wednesday, May 4, 2011

New Genre Review Program on PBS

Levar Burton, Next Generation’s Geordi Laforge and host of the long running PBS show Reading Rainbow, will once again host a show on the Public Broadcasting Network. Rainbow of the Living Dead will premiere this fall rolling out interviews with Max Brooks, George A. Romero …. Yeah, no, not really. But file it under, wouldn't it be cool.

Brent Mills, editor of Kizuna: fiction for Japan, has let me know that two of my flash fiction pieces will appear in the charity anthology, Homecare and The X-Ray. All proceeds will go to Japan relief efforts via the Red Cross. Its nice to know that even my most dark and twisted thoughts set down into a fast narrative, can do some good.

I just got a few copies of Murky Depths' 16th issue and it looks great. Its a mix of graphic art and fiction, put together very well. I'm proud that this UK magazine has included my story Momentum, in this issue. Even though I penned this one five years ago, its the first time it's been in print, and its about bloody time.

Need to get back to it. Fly low and avoid the radar.