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I've been busy. Too busy to write a proper blog entry, but who am I kidding. I blog about as much as a Wookie shaves. But I have been busy. And as proof I offer this interview I did for, a fantastic Zombie resource for all your undead apocalypse needs.

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You Win Some, You Loose Some...

Public Libraries - They let everybody in

In the past few months Night of the Living Trekkies has been nominated for a few awards. Back in February the site Mail Order Zombie nominated it for a Dead Letter Award for best zombie novel 2010. It fell short and the award went to Jonathan Maberry’s YA horror novel, Rot. Then in that same month the trailer for NotLT was awarded Best Viral Star Trek Video 2010 by And in June the trailer was nominated for a Moby, but the Best Small House Trailer Moby went to Tree of Codes by Jonathan Safran Foer. Then a day later the fans at Fourth Day Universe awarded Night of the Living Trekkiesthe Uni for Best Zombie Novel 2010. Sooooo… you win some, you loose some. It’s just fantastic to know that the novel is getting read, and received well. And in just a few weeks the German edition will hit bookshelves in Berlin and begin the infection in Europe.

Speaking of Europe, Night of the Living Trekkies Super fan, Spritt Schapiro paid tribute to the…