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Short Story Collection - Blood, Gridlock, & PEZ podcasted tales of horror

If all goes well, my first short story collection will be up on Amazon in trade paperback and as an ebook sometime in July. Its a collection of short stories that for the most part first aired on podcasts like the Drabblecast and Psuedopod. The lead tale is a coming of age story in which a geeky group of PEZ collectors finds themselves in a life and death struggle, caught between a traffic jam and a blood drenched ax. 

Now I know what you are asking yourself, what could Kevin possibly know about PEZ collecting? Great question, glad you asked. I collected the tiny candy dispensing toys for about seven years, even attended a few conventions. And in a completely unintentional show of synchronicity my entire PEZ collection is currently on display at the Temecula Public Library, and will be through July 16th. 

In other news, Dark Moon Books released their Young Adult edition of Dark Moon Digest with my story Mounting Fairies for Display, along with tales from Nancy Holder and Johnathan Maber…

Trekkers Against Bullying

A few weeks back a new Facebook page caught my eye – Trekkers Against Bullying. As a Star Trek fan and as someone who has been on both sides of bullying, I was really intrigued. The page is growing in popularity and even released an interview / PSA with the Great Bird of the Galaxy’s son, Rod Roddenberry. I wanted to know a little bit more about this page so I got in touch with the administrator and asked if the creator of Trekkers Against Bullying (Fred Monfeli) would submit to a brief interview. And, well, here it is: 1) What inspired Trekkers Against Bullying?
The answer is probably just as dramatic as the cause. My son has been dealing with bullies in school, something that he and I have in common unfortunately. In one such circumstance I just happened to be working of some personal Star Trek projects when he came to talk to me about it. While trying to boost his spirits and explain some of the basics to bullying I used Star Trek as a reference. From there it was an easy jump to …