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Everything is Better with Cosplay!

An Interview with Three Talented Cosplayers

Its been said that everything is better with Pirates, everything is better with Zombies, but when it comes to events I believe - and take it from a guy who had his wedding on Halloween -everything is better with costumes!
And when I say everything, I mean everything, weddings, parties, meetings, and even non-genre conventions. I took my wife, then girlfriend, to an incredibly mundane hospitality convention (she married me anyway) and we still talk about that event because we got to meet the Procter and Gamble mascot, Mr. Clean. Since then I have been to many a dull event that has been brighten and made memorable by some amazing, creative, wacky human taking the time and energy to dress for the occasion. Now in 2015 we have a diverse culture of cosplayers that dress up at genre conventions, bringing to life characters that could only come from the human imagination. Their tenacity, courage, ingenuity, and yes skill in bringing our favorite po…