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FREE Kindle Editions

Starting Monday, December 21st, I'm giving away my new novel Night of the ZomBEEsand the 2nd edition of my short story collection, Blood, Gridlock, & PEZ away for FREE. Happy Holidays. Don't say I didn't get you anything...

Night of the ZomBEEs is perfect for that teen of yours sitting at home this winter break. Its a fast, funny read guaranteed to get them to put down the video game controllers for a few hours. For ages 12-18 plus.

It’s Founders Day in Honeywell Springs, a day residents dress up in black-and-yellow costumes to celebrate the insect that gave the town its prosperity, the Honey Bee. But when a mad scientist releases a contagious swarm of mutant bees, it turns the townsfolk of Honeywell Springs into the walking dead, in bee costumes. It’s thirteen-year-old Shaun Ripley’s worst nightmare. Plagued with apiphobia, asthma, and panic attacks, Shaun must draw on his knowledge of his hero, James Bond, to stay alive. With his best friend, Toby, a fellow 007 enthusi…