Sunday, July 3, 2016

ZomBEEs Audiobook now available!

The audiobook version of Night of the ZomBEEs is now available, produced by Parsec Award winning podcaster, Rish Outfield. To listen to a FREE sample, visit my ZomBEEs Page to download an MP3 of chapters 1-3, or listen to chapters 1-3 on Youtube in the Night of the ZomBEEs audiobook preview video that mixes in images of folks in their best homemade ZomBEE costumes! Review copies of the audiobook are available. Contact me for a download code.

To celebrate the audiobook release the kindle edition of Night of the ZomBEEs will be FREE for 72 hours, starting July 4th! Last day to download the kindle edition free of charge is July 6th.
The Press Enterprise, a Riverside County Inland Empire newspaper showed me a little love with their recent article - How an Inland author's Zombie Books Wound Up Used in College Seminar - A story about Mansfield University's course offered to incoming freshman called How I Learned to Survive College from the Zombie Apocalypse. As with Night of the Living Trekkies, Night of the ZomBEEs has been added to the students reading list for the class. 

In none ZomBEE news, my story Contractions, will be available July 14th in The Gargantuan Book of
Horror Tales - The Beauty of Death, with a list of contributors that I am very proud to be among; Peter Straub, Ramsey Campbell, Edward Lee, John Skipp, Poppy Z. Brite, Nick Mamatas, Shane McKenzie, Tim Waggoner, Lisa Morton, Gene O'Neill, Linda Addison, Maria Alexander, Monica O'Rourke, John Palisano, Bruce Boston, Alessandro Manzetti, Rena Mason, Kevin Lucia, Daniel Braum, Colleen Anderson, Thersa Matsuura, John F.D. Taff, James Dorr, Marge Simon, Stefano Fantelli, John Claude Smith, K. Trap Jones, Del Howison, Paolo Di Orazio, Ron Breznay, Mike Lester, Annie Neugebauer, Nicola Lombardi, JG Faherty, Kevin David Anderson, Erinn Kemper, Adrian Ludens, Luigi Musolino, Alexander Zelenyj, Daniele Bonfanti, Kathryn Ptacek, Simonetta Santamaria, edited by Bram Stoker Award Winning Author Alessandro Manzetti, cover art by George Cotronis. 

In reprint news my story story Scarecrows and Devils got picked up by Digital Publishing Corp. a Canadian publisher, which I think plans to sell single stories and collections in horror, science fiction, and fantasy on Amazon. I think that is what they are going to do. To be honest the contract was very long and I have a short attention span sooo....I guess I'll find out eventually. 

I plan on attending the Long Beach Comic Con in September with my fellow members of the San Diego and LA chapters of the Horror Writers Association promoting the HWA and signing copies of Night of the ZomBEEs and Night of the Living Trekkies. More on that as it nears.