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I Grok William Shatner

Remember the first time you saw or heard William Shatner’s rendition of Rocket Man? If your initial thought was, “The man is brilliant!” then, most likely, you were drunk or high. But if you weren’t, then, like me, you are an unquestioning, devoted fan of the man who brought to life the greatest Starfleet Captain of all time – James Tiberius Kirk. Great White North born William Alan Shatner is my favorite celebrity (living or dead), and is simply the finest contribution Canada has made to the pop culture continuum.

Whenever I’m faced with a difficult decision, a fork in the road, I often ask myself, “What would Shatner do?” I let my ego take over, my smugness rises to the surface, and the answer always comes to me. My wife usually slaps me if I try to act on the Shatneresq-decision, prompting me to do the right thing, but that’s not the point. My heart and moral compass are always pointed at due Shatner, and if yours is too then I have a few books you might enjoy. Got a little bit of e…

Switching Gears

I sat down this morning determined to write a short story, (or at least start one) something I have not really done, with serious effort, in almost two years. The last few years have been filled with longer novel length projects. With a novel on its way to the printer, a proposal under consideration, and a rough draft of a new novel on its way to some first time readers, I thought I'd switch gears and write a short piece that I've wanted to get to since last summer. Although I've been thinking about this story for a long time, the blank page just stared up at me - mockingly. Ha, ha, its been two hours and you have written diddly squat! Its not that I didn't write anything, its just that it was harder than I thought to think in terms of shorter, less details, and no subplots. I'd get a few paragraph in and think, oh, this will be a nice direction and add details that would develop the characters. But then I'd realize that none of it moved the plot forward. All f…

Spring is in the Air

Its that time of year again. The flowers are blooming, the bees are buzzing, and the fairy collectors are renewing their tiny folk hunting licenses. Now is the perfect time to review the article How to Mount and Frame Fairies by Dr. Morgan Z Vile - how-to author, expert pixie slayer, and former President of the Fairy Hunters of America. This Severed Wing Award Winning how-to article, is brought to life via audio podcast, by the fine folks at the Dunesteef Audio Fiction Magazine.

Happy Hunting!