Sunday, May 16, 2010

Switching Gears

I sat down this morning determined to write a short story, (or at least start one) something I have not really done, with serious effort, in almost two years. The last few years have been filled with longer novel length projects. With a novel on its way to the printer, a proposal under consideration, and a rough draft of a new novel on its way to some first time readers, I thought I'd switch gears and write a short piece that I've wanted to get to since last summer. Although I've been thinking about this story for a long time, the blank page just stared up at me - mockingly. Ha, ha, its been two hours and you have written diddly squat! Its not that I didn't write anything, its just that it was harder than I thought to think in terms of shorter, less details, and no subplots. I'd get a few paragraph in and think, oh, this will be a nice direction and add details that would develop the characters. But then I'd realize that none of it moved the plot forward. All fine and dandy for a novel, but boring as hell in a short story. At least the short stories I like to read. After four hours of working I got almost twp pages. Pathetic! But I think I successfully, for the most part, switched gears, and should be on track the next time I sit down. If not, maybe I'll just fine a nice comforatable subplot, and go with it.



I find writing short stories more difficult than novels. True - you can finish them pretty quickly but getting everything into a limited framework can be a pain.

Sam W. Anderson said...

It's like riding a bike. If it's been awhile, the first time you're out of breath and your legs hurt, but after shaking of the cobwebs, it comes back. Get to it, my man.