The Wreath of Khan

I've been in a photoshopin' mood and its the holidays so theses happened.

I have a few more in me but you can only take a pun so far.

Dark Moon Books has released FrightMares: A Fistful of Flash Fiction, which has my flash fiction piece "A Thoughtful Gift." It's a Christmas story. Well it takes place at Christmas. Dark Moon Books will also release Vampires, a collection of short stories about bloodsuckers. This anthology will feature my story "Green Eyes and Chili Dogs," one of my personal favorites.
That's all for now. Check out FrightMares on Amazon and have a happy holiday and a peaceful New Year.


Joe R. said…
You inspired me to actually try to construct a Wreath of Khan - ok, for the first try, wait 'til next year :)
Bret Knight said…
Dammit Kevin how can we repost without Higher Res versions...Kaaaaaahn!!!!