Sunday, December 23, 2012

3 Lesser Known Holiday Films

We all know Its a Wonderful Life, A Christmas Story, Christmas Vacation, Miracle on 34th Street, and Debbie Does the North Pole. These films are staples of the holiday season. But there are a few others I'd like to give a holiday shout out to that I think you may really enjoy.

1) The Hebrew Hammer - Who is the Hebrew Hammer? He's Philip Marlowe, Han Solo, and Shaft all rolled into one. He's a bad-ass Heb on a mission - Save Hanukkah.

Currently streaming on Netflix - The Hebrew Hammer

2) Rare Exports - A Christmas Tale. This movie is a gift from Finland, magical, scary, and amazing. You never really know where this one is going, but when it gets there it's a strange visual rush that is not easily forgotten.

Also streaming on Netflix - Rare Exports - A Christmas Tale

3) [REC] 3 Genesis - If you are familiar with the [REC] films from Spain, and their American half-ass remakes, you know that we are dealing with Zombies. [REC] 3 is basically Zombies at a Wedding. What does this have to do with the holidays? Nothing, sorry. But its a wedding, and that's a very celebratory and festive time. So kind of holiday-ish. And there is lots of Red in it. Spoiler Alert: The Best Man does not make it. That's because the best man turns out to be a woman. In a wedding dress. With a chainsaw! 

Please enjoy the holidays, Happy Festiveus, Merry Christmas, Happy Hanuka, Joyous Kwanzaa, and have a peaceful New Year.
Enjoy the Wreaths


Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Stocking Stuffer

I’ve learned a few things in my short life that I think are, for the most part, absolute truths; Never get involved in a land war in Afghanistan or Southeast Asia, The police never think it’s as funny as you do, Never get attached to a Red Shirt on Star Trek, Coke is better than Pepsi, A cell phone is only as annoying as the person using it, A diet drink does NOT offset the calories in French fries and a cheeseburger, and the Zombie Tarot deck from Quirk Books may be the perfect stocking stuffer this year for fans of the undead and the mystic arts.  

Based on the classic Rider-Waite set, I assume, this unique tarot deck first seizes your attention with some retro 50’s style artwork by Paul Kepple. Amazing, beautiful, creative, stylish are adjectives that come to mind not only in attempting to describe the cards themselves but the packaging. The box that the deck comes in is so well done, I proudly display it on my bookshelf. I particularly love the image off bullets simulated along the sides, giving a hint to just how loaded this set is. The cards themselves look spectacular with a very pulpy Cold War feel chock-full of vintage and apocalyptic iconography.

Set in the midst of the zombie apocalypse the Zombie Tarot deck has all the familiar elements; Swords, Wands, Cups, Hazards, The Fool, The Hangman, etc.., but of course with a twist.  Writer Stacey Graham  (The Girls' Ghost Hunting Guide) provides that twist with a deep knowledge of tarot and a macabre sense of humor. Her 96 page instruction booklet can teach even the uninitiated tarot card reader how to extract advice to help you and your group of survivors make the right choice in any undead apocalyptic scenario. For example; should you stay on the move or barricade yourselves in a basement, should you head north or south, will little Timmy be okay or should you put the kid down before he turns and takes a bite out of mommy.  


Having insight into possible futures during the apocalypse may be the difference between you experiencing a long threadbare life on the run in the aftermath of mankind, or your easy demise as you become a zombie chew toy. The Zombie Tarot will give you that insight. And what better way to say you care about someone than to give them something that will perpetuate their survival. Or at least perpetuate it long enough so that they can occupy the ravenous horde while you make your escape. Either way, they’ll appreciate the sentiment.  
In all seriousness, I found the Zombie Tarot deck a lot of fun. It’s the perfect holiday gift for that special Zombie, Tarot fan in your life.  Avaliable at Amazon.

Monday, December 3, 2012

BookNosh - Author of the Month

Booknosh, an independent book review website has named me their author of the month. Not sure how I got the honor but I'll take it. There is an interview, with some talk about Trek, future projects, and a possible follow up to Night of the Living Trekkies.
Link to the Interview
Link to their review of NotLT

Just for fun I through up some graphics at CafePress, should anyone feel an overwhelming need to possess a NotLT coffee mug or T-Shirt.

I'm starting our annual NotLT Holiday Wreath craziness over at our FaceBook page. Already have a few making the Internet rounds, and a fan, Jo Jaquinta, put together a kind of audio track for The Wreath of Khan, then uploaded it to YouTube. You can listen to it here - Wreath of Khan on YouTube