Monday, December 3, 2012

BookNosh - Author of the Month

Booknosh, an independent book review website has named me their author of the month. Not sure how I got the honor but I'll take it. There is an interview, with some talk about Trek, future projects, and a possible follow up to Night of the Living Trekkies.
Link to the Interview
Link to their review of NotLT

Just for fun I through up some graphics at CafePress, should anyone feel an overwhelming need to possess a NotLT coffee mug or T-Shirt.

I'm starting our annual NotLT Holiday Wreath craziness over at our FaceBook page. Already have a few making the Internet rounds, and a fan, Jo Jaquinta, put together a kind of audio track for The Wreath of Khan, then uploaded it to YouTube. You can listen to it here - Wreath of Khan on YouTube

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