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We were LIVE in New Orleans

Last week, Thursday May 16th, Sam Stall and I were LIVE on WGSO 990am's THE WEEK IN GEEK, hosted by David Ducorbier from one of my favorite cities, New Orleans. We talked about our novel Night of the Living Trekkies, Zombies and a little bit about upcoming projects.

To listen to the broadcast (podcast style) follow this link. THE WEEK IN GEEK May 16th. 

Dark Moon Digest: YA Issue

The editor for Dark Moon Digest sent me a sneak peek at their special YA issue and its TOC. My story Mounting Fairies for Display will share the pages of this issue with Nancy Holder and Jonathan Maberry. I'm told it will be available in 2-3 weeks. 
Table of Contents: "Among Men" by Joe McKinney "Are the Stars Out Tonight?" by Nancy Holder "Creepy Town" by C. W. LaSart "Cyclops" by James S. Dorr "Deadly Thin Ice" by Dawn Napier "Franklinstein" by John Peel "Lonely Is The Mothman" by JG Faherty "Mounting Fairies for Display" by Kevin David Anderson "Overdue Books" by Jonathan Maberry "Rotten Inside" by Kimberly Yerina "Scratch" by Jeff Szpirglas "Smothered" by Sarah Ahiers "Super" by Max Booth III "The Nightmare Project" by Stacey Turner "The Rainbow Coat" by Paul Kane

You can hear an earlier audio version of my story at:
the Dunestee…

An Interview with ZOMBIE RIKER

A short while ago I noticed a strange fellow with a passion for Star Trek and Zombies appearing here and there on FaceBook. His photos both horrified and intrigued me.  I instantly felt a bizarre kindship with this unique genre mash-up fan and wanted to know more about him and his undead Starfleet persona, Zombie Riker.  Recently, I got the opportunity to ask a few questions of this interesting fellow from across the pond, and here is what he had to say.
Five Questions for ZOMBIE RIKER
1) Do you need fresh Starfleet brains and Federation flesh, or can you survive on replicated brains and replicated flesh?
I mostly live off the synthetic stuff. The infection that causes my body to decay for some reason doesn’t affect my ability to think which allows me to keep many of my human faculties such as speech, rational thought and some degree of compassion. So, I’m mostly harmless and rarely chomp on a genuine cerebrum – but that’s not to say I don’t occasionally get an uncontrollable urge. If w…