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Pop Cultist Interview - Movie News

Had the pleasure of speaking with the new podcast and web presence, Pop Cultist, created and hosted by writer, reviewer, and zombie aficionado Tony Schaab. The show is co-hosted by Tony’s accomplice in all things nerdy, his wife Emily Schaab. We talked about everything from my new novel, Night of the ZomBEEs to how to make a mixed geeky marriage work. Tony’s knowledge of the undead genre and culture made the conversation a lot of fun for me, and I got to plug away at the new project I’m involved with, a Night of the Living Trekkies movie-like venture, currently in pre-production.  Follow the link to give the interview a listen and show Pop Cultist some love. I know an upcoming episode will have an interview with well-known horror scribe Jonathan Maberry Pop Cultish - Episode 12 Interview with Kevin David Anderson
Night of the ZomBEEs is doing well on Amazon. It’s available in trade paperback and kindle. An audio version should be out sometime in December produced and performed by Pars…

So Much Buuzzzzz!

Hope everyone had a fantastic Halloween. Mine was a little slower than usual but I did get in a really good scare. Several middle schoolers dressed in Star Wars costumes walked up to my door and before they had even rung the doorbell, a carefully placed demon (string operated) flew up, roared, and Jedi screaming could be heard up and down my street. The trick or treater dressed as the new Star Wars character Kylo Ren, (suppose to be the new big bad guy) dropped his full bag of candy and lightsaber on my porch, before running for his life. I'm not a jerk, I did not keep the candy or the lightsaber (although I really wanted to,it  was the new tri-saber) I returned everything. I got at least a dozen good screams throughout the night, but the Star Wars kids were my favorite. I wonder if kids dressed in Star Trek outfits would have been a little braver?

The kindle edition of Night of the ZomBEEs is now available, and the Audio Book will be ready in December produced by Parsec award win…