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Night of the ZomBEEs in Academia

In 2014 I was extremely honored to find out that my novel Night of the Living Trekkies was apart of the curriculum at Mansfield University of Pennsylvania in a course offered to freshmen entitled, How I learned to survive college from the Zombie Apocalypse. I skyped in that fall to the class for a Q&A session, and had a blast talking zombies, survival, writing and general mayhem with the students.  Other authors that have skyped into this very unique class have been David Moody, Jonathan Maberry, and Joe McKinney. I was thrilled to be asked the first time, but last month I found out that my new novel Nightof the ZomBEEs will be added to the course curriculum this fall, and I’ve been invited back for another Q&A session. So much fun. Where were the cool zombie courses when I was in college? 
In other news my story Contractions will be published in The Beauty of Death anthology from Independent Legions Publishing edited by Bram Stoker Award winner Alessandro Manzetti. Out of the…