Two More Stories Now Available in Audio

My story Third Shift is now available on Jason Hill's Horror Hill Podcast Season 2, Episode 4. Growing Pains. If you're not familiar with The Horror Hill podcast, it's part of the Simply Scary Podcast network, which seems to be dedicated to the genre of horror producing an astounding amount of content available on YouTube and wherever you get your podcasts.

Third Shift has been published several times, even produced as a radio drama in 2009 and broadcast live on Halloween. This latest interpretation from the very talented Jason Hill is fantastic. It's a heavy dialogue piece and if you have ever heard any of Jason's work you know he is amazing with dialogue, giving each character their own voice, and going far beyond the written words provided. The episode features two other stories, It Grows Inside by G.V. Anderson and Oddity by Meegan J. Meehan.

One of the contestants on Evil Idol (Think American Idol but for voice actors, and not god awful) Rob Davids made it to the second round and chose to perform my story Ink Spot for his next entry into the contest. It's a tough piece to read as it requires a pretty authentic Texas accent. I think he knocked it out of the park.

Third Shift on Horror Hill - YouTube
Third Shift on Horror Hill - listen on your favorite podcast service

The YouTube book review duo Book Mouse & Book Kitty produced an online video review of my first novel, Night of the Living Trekkies, for their channel OBN (Our Book Nook) Its a solid honest review, but what I like most is that people are still discovering this little gem a good ten years after it came out. It makes me think that it will be around long after I am. I still get positive emails from readers about the novel and the amazing NotLT book trailer.

I should be making a few appearances in the next few months and I'll post about that soon. Until then Live Long and Prosper.

Night of the Living Trekkies OBN Review
Night of the Living Trekkies Book Trailer
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Third Shift on Horror Hill - YouTube
Third Shift on Horror Hill - listen on your favorite podcast service