News Stories at Large

My short story, The Mount of Death, which first appeared in the San Diego chapter’s anthology, California Screamin', has been released in audio on the latest episode of the Horror Hill podcast - season 2 episode 8 called, When the End Arrives.  I love the episode art created by artist, Omega Black.  The episode is also available on YouTube.

I’ve also sold my short story, The Room, to Otis Jiry’s Scary Stories Told in the Dark podcast. The Room will also appear on the website, along with another of my stories, Toualetehydrophobia. The new web site also gave me a featured author page. I think they give all the authors a featured author page, so I won’t let it go to my head. Toualetehydrophobia will also be produced in audio by Rob Davids as part of the Evil Idol voice narration competition. I’m really looking forward to hearing this as Davids did a great job with my story Ink Spot a few months back.

My reprint story Liberation is now available in the Australian body horror magazine, The Asylum Diaries: AUTOPSY. To listen to a FREE audio version of the story read by Mur Lafferty, listen to Pseudopod, episode 36 Liberation. 

At the end of last year, I competed in the October Flash Fiction Challenge run by Crystal Lakes publishing and won 1st place, tied for first actually, with my story Babysitting for Writers. As a bonus for winning the contest the story is available in the Crystal Lake anthology, Shallow Waters Vol 5. 

I just heard yesterday that my favorite convention Midsummer Scream has been canceled for 2020. I had so many plans for this years as far as getting out there and selling some books. It's a little hard to do from home. Not impossible, but difficult. Oh well, I hope everyone has a good STAR WARS day on Monday - May the 4th - to celebrate I'm discounting my Star Wars Joke Book all the way down to nothing. FREE download on May the 4th. So take care of one another and may the farce be with you. 

Purchase Asylum Diaries: AUTOPSY at Amazon, Liberation
Purchase Shallow Waters Vol. 5 at Amazon, Babysitting for Writers