Thursday, October 23, 2008


I just got the word that the drabblecast is going to use my story, "The Box Born Wraith," for this year's Halloween Episode. It was inspired from an experience I had early in the year in which I spent 40 minutes in a MRI machine. For those of you who have not had the displeasure, its a little bit like lying down in a confined space -coffin, sarcophagus, casket -but you can still hear awful things happening around you. Much like I imagine being in one of those morgue drawers without the peace and serenity that might come with actually being dead.

I wrote the piece with audio (and drabblecast) in mind, creating lots of opportunity for creepy sound FX. Should be fun, and will be out probably next Tuesday, or Wednesday.

If you want some Halloween drabblcastyness now, you can listen to last years Halloween episode (#36) Drabblecast 36- Pumpkinseeds by Kevin Anderson

I'm on an audio high right now, not only am I listening to tons of spooky audio drama from podcast like Radio Drama Revival, but I've got three stories coming out over the next six weeks on three different podcasts; the above mentioned Drabblecast, Sniplits, and the Dunesteef Audio Magazine.


ayn said...

You are becoming an integral part of Halloween at the Drabblecast, and it hope it stays that way. =)

Kevin Anderson said...

Thanks Ayn

Just hope this story brings it this year. I know Norm will do his part. Kind of hard to top last years.

Dave and Emma said...

Great news, man. Pumpkinseeds was one of the most enjoyable Halloween listens I've had. Here's hoping your stories and the DC become a Halloween tradtion!