Monday, November 3, 2008

The Box Born Wraith

Drabblecast released episode 87 on 10/30/08 which featured my story, The Box Born Wraith. It was their Halloween episode and I was proud to be apart of it. There hasn't been a lot of comments thus far in the forum, but what is there is mostly positive. As always Norm Sherman did a great job on the production, and I think its one of the best episodes this year. But I may be biased.


Merc said...

Hi Kevin!

I just discovered your work thanks to Drabblecast and I must say I LOVED "Box Born Wraith". (I'm now addicted to the podcasts...)

Awesome story, by the way. I have a special fondness for ghouls and really enjoyed what you did with that. ;)

Can't wait to read/listen to more of your work.



V said...

I heard your story on the Simply Scary podcast ( It's a shame it seems that it won't be expanded and is just left as a one off short story. I'd love to read a continuation of it.

Kevin David Anderson said...

I hear you, and you are not the first one to say this. My wife even said after reading, where's the rest of it, what happens next. I may have to revisit this one and see where it goes. Thanks for letting me know.