Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Dunesteef - The October Scary Story Event

During the month of October, the Dunesteef Audio Fiction Magazine held a writing contest / promotion. I'm not sure if it was a contest or a promotion, but the idea was to write a scary story in the month of October, submit it, and they would pick several to read at a later date. Not sure how many were submitted, but one of the four stories they chose, "Halloween in July," was mine. I wrote it in a rush, and it needs some tweaking, but the Dunesteef editors said it will run next year sometime, so I have some time to edit. It was an interesting writing process. I don't usually write with deadlines, but with a submission cut off of Halloween, I really buckled down - something I should do more often.

I'm currently working on a novella and I've made a goal of having draft one done this year. So with 11,00 words in the can and 10,000 to go, its time to buckle down again. I hope self imposed deadlines will be as effective. We'll see.

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ayn said...

Good luck with the novella!