Friday, December 12, 2008

Framing and Mounting Fairies

The Dunesteef Audio Fiction Magazine released my short story Framing and Mounting Fairies, yesterday. They did an amazing job with this experimental piece that reads like a How-to guide. Using my bug collecting experience as a kid and my background in How-To manuals to flesh out this twisted piece, I never really realized until listening to it how dark and sinister the tale is. Probably because my original intent was to be funny, I never really fully grasp the underlying darkness of the piece. I'm not really sure if that says something about me or just my writing, either way its an enjoyable piece employing a nice use of sound effects and really well thought out background music. If you enjoyed it let me know.


Mr. Tweedy said...

I enjoyed this one. I enjoy this sort of macabre satire where you take something totally disturbing and write of it as something innocuous. Reminded me of the The Adams Family. I can see little Wednesday working on her mounted fairy collection.

Several LOLs.

Kevin Anderson said...

Thanks Mr. Tweedy. Glad you enjoyed it. I think the Dunesteef is doing some great audio production.