Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Sandeep Parikh as Gary

Last Saturday I finished up the first of two BORDERS’ Night of the Living Trekkies book signing in Southern California, and I learned that the only thing I like more than writing about a zombie outbreak at a Star Trek convention is meeting people who love to READ about a zombie outbreak at a Star Trek convention. Talking zombies, Star Trek and Sci-fi with people that live eat and breathe those genres is more fun than a Klingon Feast, or even tribble lined underwear. I got a dozen suggestions for sequel titles, scenarios, new characters, and a lot of urging for the follow up to have more Star Wars!

Questions ranged from, did we research everything or were we fanboys enough to know what a Lurpa was, to did Elvis Borgsley survive? But I think that the most common question I got over and over was, when is the movie coming out?!. With at least half of the folks that stopped by first having heard of Night of the Living Trekkies because of the amazing book trailer that debuted on YouTube in September, there seemed to be a lot of interest in seeing Trekkies on the big screen. Some even gave me actor suggestions as if Sam or I would be in charge of casting the film. So on that note, if you were in charge of casting for Night of the Living Trekkies, who would you want to play, Jim, Rayna, and the rest of the crew?

Next signing for Night of the Living Trekkies will be October 23rd, at the Riverside Plaza BORDERS, in Riverside Ca, starting at 4pm.
Address - 3615 Riverside Plaza Drive
Riverside, CA 92506

Shoot for the head, and prosper!


BattleChick said...

Hi Kevin, I have no idea if you actually read the comments on this blog but I really hope you do. I picked up Night of the Living Trekkies just 30 minutes ago and am already three chapters in and loving it, from the overt Trekkie references to the more subtle homages embedded in virtually every sentence. I used to be a huge Trek fan, especially TOS but have fallen away in recent years, driven away mainly by season 3 of Voyager and all of Enterprise but your book has reignited my enthusiasm.
The purpose of this comment is to say "Thank you" for reinvigorating my inner (and outer) geek.
Love the book, and can't wait for the movie.
Live Long and Prosper

Kevin David Anderson said...

Hi BattleChick

Thanks for your kind words. Glad you have enjoyed it so far, and I hope the other 30 or so chapters are just as invigorating. Working on Trekkies made me get it touch with my inner geek, and I'm glad it’s having a like effect.

Shoot for the head and prosper