Sunday, November 7, 2010

Zombiepalooza! ZomBcon 2010

ZomBcon was not only the first event centered solely on zombie culture, but an amazing gathering of horror icons. George A Romero, Bruce Campbell, Ted Raimi, the ladies of Evil Dead, actors from Day of the Dead, and Dawn of the – basically any really memorable movie made in the 70’s or 80’s with the word “Dead” in the title was represented. A real Halloween treat not just for zombie fans but for horror geeks of all kinds.
Just a few highlights:
• Kick off event was an 80’s styled prom, where only the dead danced at the Prom Night of the Living Dead. Molly Ringwald and Ducky were not in attendance.
• Max Brooks gave an entertaining and informative Zombie Survival seminar followed by Roger Ma’s Zombie Combat training – we all left informed and better prepared for the inevitable zombie apocalypse.
• Bruce Campbell conducted a mass wedding of the dead – allowing dozens of zombie couples to renew their vows so their love may continue into the rotting hereafter.
• Malcolm McDowell hosted a Zombie vs, Trekkies Family Feud on the main stage which brought the house down.
• Amazing panels like Zombies & Why We Love Them, Mash Up Literature, and so much more.
• Fantastic items for sale like Zombie Flesh Jerky. Available in spicy and mild. There was even a vegetarian version, although I can’t imagine why.
• But best of all - George A. Romero, a gracious and warm human being that spent hours of his time meeting everyone that wanted to shake his hand.

Besides meeting Mr. Romero, and fans of Night of the Living Trekkies, I most enjoyed the humor and creativity of the conventioneers that went all out in making their costumes. There was Zombie Robin Hood, Zombie Snow White, Zombie Gumby, Zombie Spock, Zombie Red-Shirts, Zomb-BEES (hilarious) and some costume contest winners Zombie Luke Skywalker and Zombie Han Solo.

Zombie fans are simply AWESOME!

Have a look at some ZomBcon pictures – Quirk Books Flicker

A few other things have been happening lately that I should mention. My Story "Momentum" will finally see its day in print in the UK magazine Murky Depths. The story has never been in print but it was the first story of mine to be heard on my favorite podcast – The Drabblecast. (Momentum DC Episode #23) Speaking of the Drabblecast, writer D.K. Thompson and I got together to pen a two part episode for the Drabblecast's Halloween show this year. Its a fun sci-fi, horror mashup that continues a sci-fi film from the 70's that I think was ahead of its time.

Over the Halloween weekend two interviews with me aired, one on Star Trek radio and another on Fan Central Fancast on Blog Talk Radio.

It was a bussy October and Halloween, and honestly I'm glad its over. About midway through October I was starting to say, "Is it Thanksgiving yet?" Anyway, looking forward to some rest and spending the coming holidays with my wife and kids.

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