Midsummer Scream and other Stuff

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Upcoming Appearances!
I will be at MidSummer Scream for the third year in a row at the Horror Writers Association table - Long Beach Convention Center July 29th. This is one of my favorite events of the year!

I'll also be at the 2nd annual San Diego Festival of Books August 25th. Didn't go to the first one, but I hear great things. Really looking forward to it.

A Few Releases
Green Eyes and Chili Dogs, my story about two road-weary truckers that fight evil, and indigestion was released on the Simply Scary Podcast. It is the same stellar production that Jason Hill produced in 2016. The episode (episode 6, season 3) is doing very well and has inspired me to conjure up tales from Dale and Earl.
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Green Eyes and Chili Dogs is now available on the Simply Scary Podcast - Season 3 episode 6 
To listen to it on YouTube - go here

Dawn of the Debt, my story about a very dark and undead future is available in After the Orange, an anthology that imagines the world a few decades after the Trump presidency. From B Cubed Press and edited by Manny Frishberg. With contributions from Hannah Trusty, Darren Todd, Kara Dalkey, John Pitts, K.G. Anderson, Bruce Taylor, Edd Vick, Brenda Cooper, Laura Staley, Yong Takahashi, Janka Hobbs, J.G. Follansbee, Andrea Lopez, Shelby Workman, Chris Bullard, Su J. Sokal, Paula Hammond, Russell Hemmell, Bo Balder, Elana Gomel, Mike Adamson, Ben Howels, Samantha Weiss, William Burns, Marcelle Thiebaux, and Charles Joseph Albert. 

The Geektastic Joke Book 4 Kids - a collection of geeky jokes from Star Wars, Superheroes, Minecraft, Monsters, Harry Potter, Video Games, Doctor Who, Star Trek and so much more! Humorous illustrations and cartoons perfect for kids (Ages 8-12 plus}

A Few Things Comming Up!
The Horror Hill Podcast will feature my story Momentum to close out their first season. I was extremely proud to have four of my stories featured in the first season of Horror Hill. Many thanks to Jason Hill for his production skills and voice talent. Momentum will be released on July 26th. 

My story The Red Spider has sold to Omicron Entertainment for their upcoming anthology Automobilia. The Red Spider features Kevin's popular truck driving, darkness seeking, demon killing characters, Dale and Earl. The anthology is scheduled for a late 2019 release and features contributions from Bruce Holland Rogers, Marge Simon, Bruce Boston, William F. Nolan, Juleigh Howard-Hobson, Gerri Leen, and Dean H. Wild.

My anthology, NIGHT SOUNDS, will premiere at this year's San Diego Festival of Books (2018). Night Sounds will feature many of the stories that have debuted in podcasts such as the Drabblecast, The Dunesteef, Pseudopod, The Simply Scary Podcast and most recently The Horror Hill podcast. With an introduction by Jason Hill creator of the Horror Hill Podcast, Night Sounds will be available in Trade Paperback and eBook.

I've been invited to participate in Chilling Tales for Dark Nights new anthology series, which will be a tribute to Alvin Schwartzfor’s Scary Stories for Dark Nights YA book series. The first volume is scheduled for an October release.

Final thoughts....
I know many of you are at Comic Con San Diego this weekend and I hope you're having a great time. If you like Comic Con or want to go but can never get tickets - think about going to WonderCon! Its put on by the same folks who run the San Diego Comic Con. Its a little less crowded (just a little) and almost as big. Tickets are almost always available, and access to this con is a bit easier. The San Diego chapter of the HWA had a table there this year and it was fantastic. I had a wonderful time and am looking forward to next year. 

Wondercon 2018, at the HWA table. I think I need a cool hat — with Richard W Goldsmith, Robert Payne Cabeen, Cecile Grimm-Cabeen and James Jensen.

Horror Writers Association, San Diego Chapter representin'!!! — with Alexandra Neumeister, Crystie Goldsmith, James Jensen, Kevin David Anderson and Richard W Goldsmith.