Saturday, October 27, 2018

Dawn of the Debt

My short story Dawn of the Debt is now available as a short ebook (kindle) on Amazon. Included with Dawn are two bonus stories, the flash fiction piece Twitching and the short story The Interview. All three stories have a twist on the Zombie genre. 

Its only 99 cents, but between Oct 29th and Nov 2nd it will be available as a FREE download. If you missed those dates you can still get it for FREE on my website as a PDF. 

I only went to a few events this year; WonderCon, Midsummer Scream, and The San Diego Festival of Books. Surprisingly, The joke book I wrote with my son, The Geektastic Joke Book 4 Kids by Giggles A. Lott & Nee Slapper seemed to sell the best. We might put together another for next year. Still talking it over. 

Anyone who has ever visited this blog knows that I am not much of a blogger. If I make four posts a year that's three more than my usual. So I'll just wrap up with a few news bits, then posts some pictures, and call it a blog post. 

The strange world of Dale and Earl will be expanded in MIDNIGHT MEN a new collection of stories inspired by the popular truck driving, darkness seeking, demon killing characters, Dale and Earl. The anthology which will include some of Dale and Earl most memorable adventures, including Green Eyes and Chili Dogs, will also feature the novella, Kandy with a K. MIDNIGHT MEN will be released in Fall 2019.   

Kevin's story The Red Spider has sold to Omicron Entertainment for their upcoming anthology Automobilia. The Red Spider features Kevin's popular truck driving characters, Dale and Earl. The anthology is scheduled for a late 2019 release and features contributions from Bruce Holland Rogers, Marge Simon, Bruce Boston, William F. Nolan, Juleigh Howard-Hobson, Gerri Leen, and Dean H. Wild. 

Podcasted Tales of Terror 
Kevin's short story collection NIGHT SOUNDS will be available in Spring 2019. The collection will feature stories that have been released in audio on podcasts like The Drabblecast, The Dunsteef, Pseudopod and most recently on The Horror Hill Podcast. Night Sounds will have an introduction by voice talent and podcast producer Jason Hill, of the Horror Hill podcast currently running on the Simply Scary Podcast Network

Pictures from Midsummer Scream

 Members of the Horrors Writers Association

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